AKM AK47 Tweaks – KristianD3 V1.22

AKM AK47 Tweaks - KristianD3 V1.22

Ever get frustated Using Ak47 By kristiand3 and it doesn’t even has it’s own catalouge page and Real Names And Stuffs Like the AKM Being Black and white on icon wheel,
This Mod is For You If You’re Looking to get away from the frustation

Adjustments for KristianD3 AK-47 – Realistic Weapon Config
AK-47 – Dumb guy this is the most important
AK-47 Audio Overhaul – KristianD3 (Munitions Compatibility) – Recommended
ScriptHookRDR2 V2 – Fuck yourself if you didn’t installed this

Buy the AK From GunSmith It should be automatically with you if u have the springfield rifle because ak replaces springfield
The Ak47 Weapon Wheel is changed with a 4k quality not black and white version



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