Expanded Cattleman Customisation V2.0

Expanded Cattleman Customisation V2.0

This mod “enables” trigger guard customisability for the Cattleman revolver, as well as it’s back plating. This mod also includes a bonus “Big Iron” barrel model for the Cattleman.

– Formally known as “Distinct Trigger Guard”

– This mod enables customisability for the Cattleman’s trigger guard piece, in 2 variations. One variation just changes the trigger guard underneath the frame, and the other changes the whole trigger guard + metal back strap framing. Normally this isn’t possible, as the trigger guard is lumped in with the rest of the weapon frame’s tint. These features of the mod are the main focus, but ive also thrown in a custom barrel if you so wish to use it.

– These changes are small features that I feel adds a lot of character to a weapon, as many Colt Single Actions in real life have a distinctive trigger guard metal comprised of brass or gold plating.

– This mod works by adding custom models over the placement of the original weapon’s frame, and corresponding features of said frame. “Distinct Trigger Guard” replaces the Cattleman’s 2nd sight, “Distinct Back Plate” replaces the Cattleman’s 1st sight, and “Big Iron Barrel” replaces the Cattleman’s 2nd barrel.

– Tint of custom components are customisable, much like any other component.



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zip Custom Components-2-0 17 MB
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