Glock 18 V1.0

Glock 18 V1.0

Originally conceived for military and law enforcement use, its impressive 9mm firepower combined with the ability to switch between semi-automatic and full-automatic firing modes makes it a force to be reckoned with.

-Carefully adjusted stats to match its real world counterpart
– Custom Audio
-A highly realistic model of the Glock 18
– Replacement of the M1899
– Custom Weapon Wheel icon
-Black and Silver Finish Options

RDR2 Scripthook
Lenny’s Mod Loader
Vulkan (Doesn’t work for DX12 for now sorry)

No Bullet Trail
No Hitmarker


SergeantJoe & Bakou – Weapon Placement Script
Oakous – Glock Audio

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File File size
rar Glock-MainFiles-1-0 37 MB
rar Silver Finish-1-0 36 MB
rar Full Auto-1-0 7 KB
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