More Pretty Gun V1.3.5.5

More Pretty Gun V1.3.4

Added My weapons and online weapons, such as the Bounty Hunter series, Arthur’s Gun

All of the new weapons have different weapon performance
Most of the new weapons can be bought on the gunshops (1.3.4) Fence (1.3.3)
Most of the new weapons NPCS will probably carry
Some new weapons can only be acquired from NPCS
Improved Bow various versions unlocked in Gun shop
Restored all weapon ivory grip accessories
Improved default engraving on all weapons
All new and original weapons are customizable (1.3.4)
All sniper rifle No Forced Scope
Special revolvers can be DUAL WIELD
Some knives can be held in the hand for viewing (
This update may cause bugs in some guns you already own. If this happens, get a new one (
.500 Magnum Revolver Normal, Legendary Doubleaction Revolver, Noble Mauser Pistol, Noble Sawedoff Shotgun They’re not finished yet, so it’s best not to buy them (
Guns on NPCS are no longer unfixable (
Some details have been optimized (

Completely compatible with WhyEm (RDO Version), W.E.R.O, Online Content Unlocker !!!

Fix some Queer Bug

How to install ?

Make this mod load priority higher than WhyEm and RDO
Make sure there are no conflicting files

Version 1.3.0 to replace More Engraving ———- More Pretty Gun !!!
If you like this Mod, feel free to support me !!!

Please use with WhyEm(RDO Version), Avoid the bugs
1.3.2 Can be used separately
1.3.4 Weapons are no longer sold on the fence, but at gunshops in St. Denis and Valentine
All new and original weapons



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