Short Barrels No Longer Reduce Accuracy V1.0

Short Barrels No Longer Reduce Accuracy

Short barrels now provide the same accuracy benefit as their longer counterparts!! Applies to ALL WEAPONS!!

Requires LML

This is a very simple modification of RDR2. “Short barrel” option on ALL sidearms and shotguns including LeMat and M1899 now gives just as much accuracy as when a longer barrel is installed.

I see many complain that Bagel’s “Handgun Barrels Don’t Affect Accuracy” does not work. Hence I decided to dig in and figure out what was wrong, because I too detested the appearance of long-barrel revolvers in game, particularly the Cattleman. When you put on an extended barrel for the minor increase in accuracy, the weapon actually becomes so long that it sticks out your holster, which would make it harder to draw in reality.

Here’s how this modification differs from Bagel’s:

– Bagel’s mod uses a folder structure designed for older versions of LML, which I suspect is the reason why it is not working for some. I decided to start from scratch and unpacked a fresh copy of the relevant game files, in case Rockstar made any changes. I subsequently made the mod using install.xml, which is the method designed to work with the latest version of LML.

– Additionally, Bagel’s file only modifies weaponcomponents.meta under Common_0.rpf, which does not dictate weapon parts used on the LeMat or M1899 since they are contents of a later update. I managed to dig up the two individual weaponcomponents.meta files responsible for these elsewhere, and consequently made them subject to the change.

– Last but not least, I applied the modification to shotguns as well, as they too have a “short barrel” option.


The accuracy tab in weapons’ stats bar WILL NOT reflect the change, meaning selecting between long and short barrel will STILL show a visual difference in the bar.

I have acquired a second opinion from a respected creator IMaVeRicK, who confirmed that the stats bar is VISUAL-ONLY, and does NOT reflect weapons’ actual stats. Rest assured that the mod is working properly.

If you are not convinced, please check your mod loader’s log file.

If you are still not convinced, even with the log file, you may open the .meta files with TextEdit or NotePad and input an insane value to test it out yourself!

If you believe nothing is changed, please keep in mind that in the vanilla game the accuracy benefit of long barrels are extremely small to begin with. Specifically, all long barrels in the vanilla game give an accuracy of “1.100000”, a meagre 10% bonus. What the mod does is simply to make short barrels give “1.100000” accuracy as well, instead of the original “1.000000”. So keep in mind that the difference is tiny!



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