Interstellar Auralis V0.1.2

Interstellar Auralis V0.1.2

Enhance your Starfield experience with Interstellar Auralis. Immerse yourself in epic space battles with better sounds, explosive thrills, and more engaging audio. Elevate your interstellar experience today!

Heavily WIP. Use at your own risk. Yada Yada.

Embark on an epic journey through the cosmos like never before with Interstellar Auralis, the ultimate sound enhancement mod for Starfield. This comprehensive mod transforms your gaming experience with immersive soundscapes, combat intensity, and ship sounds that bring the vastness of space to life.


Dynamic Combat Soundscape: Immerse yourself in the heart of intense space battles as weapon fire crackles with energy, explosions resonate with cosmic fury, and ship engines roar in the heat of combat.

Environmental Ambiance: Feel the atmosphere of distant planets, space stations, and uncharted territories with meticulously hand-crafted environmental sounds.

Ship Sound Mastery: Experience the true essence of interstellar travel with ship sound replacements that capture the unique character of each vessel, from sleek explorers to mighty warships.

Weaponry Reinvented: Elevate your combat prowess with weapon sound replacements that provide feedback, depth, and realism, making every shot a thrilling adventure.

Okay sure, but what actually is this mod?
Honest Answer? Its a sound replacement mod that will be broken up into separate chunks (phases). Each one will offer different stuff, environment sounds, ship sounds, weapon sounds. etc. Instead of having a single overhaul mod, you’ll be able to choose from the pack as you see fit.

Everyone has unique preferences, and I’m constantly working to improve the mod.
If there’s something you truly hate, please let me know so that I might address it.


Phase 1 – Subtle Effects and Explosions

Bullet Whiz Effects – Done – Feedback requested
Bullet Hit Effects – WIP
Explosives – Sounds being investigated.

Phase 2 – Ballistic Weapons.
Phase 3 – Laser Weapons.
Phase 4 – Environmental Audio Break!
Phase 5 – Ships & Space!
Phase 6 – I’ll probably be dead at this point.
Phase 7 – ….


Copy the “Data\sound” folder into “Starfield\Data\”.
Copy the “Data\sound” folder into “Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data”


Open “Documents\My Games\Starfield\StarfieldCustom.ini” (create it if it doesn’t exist).

Add these lines if they are not present:


P.S. I have no idea why some mods you place in the game folder and some mods go in My Games.


Remove Data\sound folder. *Warning* if you have any other sound mods installed, this will delete them as well.



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