Star Wars Bounty Hunter Jetpack Sounds V1.2

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Jetpack Sounds V1.2

Replaces the jetpack sound with Boba Fett’s jetpack.

Do you want to feel like Boba Fett and Jango Fett?

This mod will change your jetpack sounds to feel more like a Star Wars bounty hunter.

Extract the contents into your main Starfield directory.

Place the files in Starfield > Data > Sound > soundbanks

To add more to the immersion, you can download Jetpack Overhaul to fly longer in the air.

Make sure your StarfieldCustom.ini file is in:…\Documents\My Games\Starfield

Open it in Notepad, make sure it contains the following lines:

If you don’t have a StarfieldCustom.ini file, I have added it in files for you.



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