Better Space Exploration V0.2

Better Space Exploration V0.2

This is a simple ini adjustment to make space travel feel more adventurous.

Currently, with the ability to fast travel from planet to planet and system to system, it eliminates any real need for your ship as a hub/home. The first goal of this mod is to only fast-travel on the planet you are currently located on.

Presently, the capability to swiftly journey between planets and systems has diminished the significance of your spacecraft as a central hub or home base. The primary objective of this modification is to restrict fast travel to the planet you are currently situated on. As additional tools become accessible, the potential for a more realistic space travel experience becomes increasingly viable and substantial.

The absence of fast travel between planets and star systems breathes new life into the value of amenities such as workshops and research stations on your ship. Outposts take on greater importance, particularly when fuel does not automatically replenish, and repairs are not achieved through magical means.

Currently Completed:
Longer Animations between inter-system travel.

(Possibly after Creation Kit Release)

Disable Inter system fast travel but leave on planet fast travel.
Disable inter-system fast travel (forced to use grav drive and jump system to system based on ships range)
Turn this into a Bat file for easy installation and use.
Eliminate loading screens during interplanetary travel.
Eliminate the exit door loading screen.
Extend the Grav Drive’s operational time, thereby emphasizing the significance of having more than one power point for rapid jumps.
Adjust fuel to not magically refill and need to refuel at starports, space stations, or the outpost.
Above but with repair module repair.
More ideas to come.

Add the betterspaceexploration.txt file to your starfield directory. Then in the game press the tilde key ” and type BAT BetterSpaceExploration.

** This is a work in progress and any help would be appreciated. It’s also to get the ideas out there to the community and possibly get all of these things in one place over time. I am a very novice modder done some modding for F4, Skyrim, and Anno 1800 but nothing serious so any advice is appreciated. I just have ideas mostly.



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