SH Armor V1.03

SH Armor V1.01

My SH VASCO Lily, SH SUIT Mods. Integration and improvement.

First of all, I am Korean. So I’m not good at English. This is using a translator.

I made a costume and Vasco skin mod a while ago. However, the two modes were using the same resources. So it was difficult to modify and manage. Additionally, there was the problem of creating a 3D model for the first time.

So I combined the two modes, improved the polygon model, and placed it in a new category.

Afterwards, reorganization was necessary to add additional functions or clothing models.


These two modes will no longer be updated in the future.

You get one costume, one spacesuit, one helmet, one mask, one Backpack and the female android Vasco.

The character must have a body shape graph of 0.
Also, you should check the thickness of the neck. If your neck is too thick, it may show through your clothes.

1. You can modify your outfit into 4 different forms. Android, full body suit, one piece suit, monokini suit

It can be modified at the spacesuit modification bench and requires special materials. Materials are dropped from enemies.

Each suit type has its own unique characteristics. Chameleon, bulletproof, melee attack defense, etc.

You can also modify the shape of your spacesuit. It is of two types.

Spacesuits, backpacks, helmets, and masks can be modified in quality.

All of these modifications require special materials. (aka BAP) And it drops from enemies.

Clothing and spacesuits also drop from enemies. It may have a legend option. (if you are lucky)

Modification of costumes and spacesuits requires the player’s level as well as materials. Stronger modifications can be made at higher levels.

Modifying clothes into other forms is unlocked at levels 8 and 12.

Costume quality modifications are unlocked sequentially from levels 12 to 64.

2. Vasco is no longer a robot. Transformed into a female android.

If you use Female Vasco Voice 2 mod, it will fit well.

If you encounter Vasco even once in the game, Vasco will not be displayed properly.(It doesn’t matter if you start a new game.) It has to be solved using console commands.

Open the console window and click on Vasco to display his game form ID. Then type ‘resetinventory’ in the console window and press Enter.

Another way is to use the ‘disable’ and ‘enable’ commands. (But this isn’t really necessary.)

Then Vasco will be output as normal.

I’ve said this countless times in previous versions of the mod, but people don’t seem to understand. Please read the mod creator’s explanation carefully. I’m not teaching babies.

I don’t know why, but after loading the map, Vasco sometimes follows or disappears. This is a bug found in vanilla games as well. So I gave up on fixing it. All other colleagues are normal, but this bug only occurs to Vasco.

To solve this problem, we recommend using follower management mode. It will include a function to teleport followers to you.
For example – Swiftly Order Squad – Multiple Followers – Group Commands (

Sometimes, there are people who ask to turn Vasco into a human woman, and that can be done by simply using the companion transformation console command.

000057be.capp player

You can get Vasco, who looks exactly like the player character. Therefore, after molding your character, you can overlay it on Vasco.

3. Change the player nude body to the android body. Your right arm and both legs will become robotic. And your character will have bigger breasts and bullet-proof abs. that’s right. This mod uses a custom body.

4. Plugins.txt Enabler
Install this. please.

There are people who do not install this mod and ask why my mod does not work. ……… What do you want me to say? Huh?!

Please read and follow the instructions from the creator of ‘Plugins.txt Enabler’ mod carefully. I don’t use this mode. Because I’m using the almighty MO2. Praise!!

However, those of you who do not use MO2 will need the above mod. Please carefully read and follow the instructions from the creator of the mod. Please don’t ask me how to use the above mod. The modder has already explained his work in easy English that even foreigners can understand. read that.



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