SH VASCO Lily V1.01

SH VASCO Lily V1.01

Change VASCO to female android.

The concept is the HYUNDAI Genesis model. It’s not unusual for car companies to build robots. General Motors also has a robotics subsidiary. In fact, Hyundai also officially acquired Boston Dynamics in 2021. 1000 years have passed since then. I would have made at least a few robots.

It goes well with the Female Vasco Voice 2 mod

Additionally, suits and spacesuits that players can use have also been added. It drops from Spacer, Crimson, and Varun. It can also be crafted at a crafting table.

If you are already in the game, your Vasco will have a strange outfit. This can be modified with console commands.
First, collect all the items from your Vasco. Then press the ~ key to open the console.
Click Vasco with the mouse, enter the resetinventory command, and close the console.
Your Vasco will be dressed.

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