The Ronin – Tactical stealth armor – Mantis replacer V1.1

The Ronin - Tactical stealth armor - Mantis replacer V1.1

This mod replaces the Mantis armor with a stealthy and tactical outfit. That lets you vanish in the shadows.

Are you looking for replacement for the Mantis armor? Does is not meet your standards? Do you want something that looks better? Is stealthy and tactical? This armor is for you. They will never see you coming!

What this mod replaces:
– Mantis helmet
– Mantis spacesuit
– Mantis jetpack

– The Ronin katana retexture

Possible with Vortex or manual
Just extract the data from the archive to your \Documents\my games\Starfield\data

StarfieldCustom.ini always needs:


I wrote up this guide how I made this mod if you want to get into modding!



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