Transparent Scope Overlays V1.3

Transparent Scope Overlays V1.3

Provides a more clean and transparent design to the rather clunky and obtrusive all-black scope overlays currently in the game. This provides a better view, as well as a more semi-immersive approach to realistic scopes. This is not by design a PIP solution, but just a basic 2D overlay overhaul of the scopes.

Transparent Scope Overlays is a mod providing a basic and simple overhaul to the existing scope overlays provided in the game. The games original scopes provided clunky, obtrusive-screen filling black boxes that didn’t feel like a scope, but rather a blindfold that reduced 70% of your visibility.

This mod alleviates that by adding transparent coloring to the outside of the reticle area, giving the illusion you’re peering through a scope but still have light, or visibility coming through the outside of the scope. This helps with tunnel visioning and overall increases your visibility to other areas you may not have noticed while aiming.


Install through MO2-Beta via their Discord server or use Vortex.

If there are any mods overwriting this, let this take priority and be the conflict winner. An example would be 60 FPS – Smooth UI.



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