Companions Never Get Angry V1.0

Companions Never Get Angry V1.0

I am not sure how this affects affinity quests just yet. Use at your own risk. I will remove this warning once I test this out

I was extremely annoyed by all the companions getting annoyed at you so I made this mod that removes their hissy fits. They should not get angry at stealing, robbing, murder, or piracy. This does not effect affinity or affinity quests so they should work.

Let me know if I have missed something or of any bugs In the comments

Step 1. Please see requirements
Plugins.txt Enabler – Required to Load .esm files
Step 2. Drag and drop Companionsnevergetangry.esm into your Starfield/data folder
Step 3. Enable it in the plugins.txt file by copy pasting Companionsnevergetangry.esm into it and placing an asterisk in front to enable it it should look like this


Step 4. Enjoy the peace and quiet as you murder and pillage across the galaxy.



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