Ship Cargo Storage Increase – x3 or x10 Capacity V1.1

Ship Cargo Storage Increase - x3 or x10 Capacity V1.1

Increases capacity of cargo modules by x3 or by x10. Shielded modules have their unshielded capacity increased.

Cargo modules that you can place on your ship have their capacity increased by x3 or by x10, allowing you to store more resources and junk without having to fly with dozens of cargo modules. Because it doesn’t make sense that the player can carry more stuff than what fits in a cargo hold.

There may be cargo modules that I missed. Please let me know if you find any 😀

Does not and will not work on outpost storage… Sorry! But those records aren’t editable right now.


Choose either the x3 or the x10 option.


Use the latest Beta from the MO2 discord. Make sure enable_plugin_management is set to true in the Starfield Support Plugin settings in MO2’s settings.
Make sure to also install the plugins.txt enabler mod.
Make sure to remove any and all entries related to sTestFile= in your ini files.

Install the mod as normal with MO2, then enable it. That should be it!


I have no clue lol, good luck and please let me know 😀 I’ll update the instructions once the best approach has been found


Place the .esm into your Starfield data folder.

Install the plugins.txt enabler mod. Create the plugins.txt file at C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Starfield\Plugins.txt
In that file, add *CargoStorageIncrease.esm
That should be it!

Caution Against Using sTestFile1 to sTestFile10 for Module Loading

Utilizing the sTestFile1 to sTestFile10 entries in the StarfieldCustom.ini file for the purpose of loading module files is highly discouraged. Doing so can create a chaotic environment where custom module files are loaded inan unexpected sequence, possibly interleaved with official files. This can lead to a variety of issues, including but not limited to, game crashes, data corruption, and other instability problems.

So if you were using that approach before, get rid of those lines and use plugins.txt instead!



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zip Cargo Storage Increase x3 3 KB
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