Bosses are Starborn V1.2.2

Bosses are Starborn

Enemy Bosses have too visited the temples, granting them Starborn powers, turning them into truly formidable opponents. Alternate version adds Starborn powers to high level faction members too.

Bosses are Starborn

This mod gives Starborn Powers to Ecliptic, Varuun, Crimson Fleet and Spacer bosses.

Crimson Fleet
Varuun (only faction that uses voidform) | Alternate version makes most of varuun Starborn

The Faction bosses will use Powerfull spells like Parallel Self, Inner Demon, Reanimate Dead. AOE spells like supernova, create vacuum. Projectile powers such as particle beam, sunless space, solar flare, life forced(drain-life spell). And they’ll also use defensive powers including: Reactive Shield, Moon Form, VoidForm.

Alternative version adds powers to the higher level factions members, but fewer powers. Most of House of Va’ruun faction members will be Starborn.

In the future higher level bosses will have more powerful abilities as they’ve been through the unity multiple times.



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