Dynamic System Levels V1.1

Dynamic System Levels

The minimum Star System levels catch dynamically up with your character level (to the max of Star System level 75). All enemies and loot are spawned accordingly. Star Systems higher than your level are not affected.

Important Note (Updated!): Change location (best land on different part of a planet/different planet and leave your ship; just going through doors/changing star system in your ship is often not enough) once for the mod to kick in. Just neccessary on install – savegames will remember.

Dynamic System Levels (DSL) is the evolution my Minimum System Level mod series.

Via usage of Papyrus scripting the minimum Star System levels follow your character level now dynamically. No need to swap mods anymore to level up the Star Systems.

The minimum Star System levels always stay in a range of -5 to +5 of your current character level (up to the default game’s highest Star System level of 75). This way you do not outlevel any content and the game stays interesting regardless of the order in which you tackle quests or explore systems. Star Systems higher than your current character level are not affected – no downscaling.

You can see the Star System levels change on the starmap which gives a nice feeling of progress. Your level 50 character will be surrounded by Star Systems ranging from 45 to 75 for example (like a Sol or Narion system with level 45).

The Star System levels are updated on every – major – location change as well as on loading your savegame.

Enemies and loot are spawned according to these new levels – so exploration of even the starter sytems stays fresh and rewarding all the time.

Dynamic System Levels (DSL) is the sister mod of Minimum Enemy Level (MEL). In tandem they provide a gameplay experience where characters of every level – in NG+ or in their first universe – find level appropriate, rewarding challenge instead of outleveling content. Both have in common that they only upscale, no downscaling of enemies or systems. MSL scales whole systems, while MEL subtely works in the background, bringing lowby leveled enemies up to a par level (and therewith well above the normal limit of around level 120) and allowing challenge even when your character outgrows level 75 systems. That being said, the mods work independently – you can mix and match them as you like (use both, use only one; load order does not matter between them).

With DSL the now higher level system will draw different enemy classes from the leveled NPC spawn tables. This means that these enemies will not only be higher level, but also can be different enemy subtypes/classes (such that apear only on higher levels). This also means that they will grant you more xp and have better loot that they utilize as weapons and armor (and carry with them as extra loot on death). Chests found also draw better loot, based on the higher level.

You can bring the mod in midgame. When using the mod the first time you have to leave the current star system (where you loaded into the game) once and return to have it load its new level for all things spawning in it. Anyhow, please make a manual savgeame you can return to in case anything goes wrong (should be standard behaviour actually).

The .esm goes into your data folder and the script goes into your data/scripts folder, please (this structure is already pre-prepared in the download). Activate the mod via Creations menu ingame, please.



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