No More Junk Loot (Customizable) V1.12

No More Junk Loot (Customizable) V1.12

Reduces the visual clutter for loot-able items, making it easier and faster to see the good items that are actually worth picking up. I offer four presets to choose from, but you can also choose what specific items you want to hide or not!

After hours of playing, do you start to find it visually tiring to keep sifting through so much junk loot in the world, in the hopes of finding something that’s worth picking up? This mod can help you!

Fully customizable by anyone! If you don’t like my default choices you can choose for yourself what to hide or not.

This mod reduces the visual clutter for loot-able items, like pens, notebooks, items of low value or items with low value-to-mass ratio, making it easier and faster to see the good items that are actually worth picking up.

Now you don’t even need to be constantly using the scanner anymore! You can have a more immersive experience by just looking at the world to find your nice loot!

This mod doesn’t remove the items completely from the game, it just hides them in the world, so you can’t interact with or even see them. That means those items are still available to buy from merchants if you want them!

Please note that the hidden items won’t show their 3D model when you examine them in the inventory/shop window, which to me is a fair trade off for such a nice quality of nice feature.

Four different versions to choose from:

Default Version:
Recommended Version.
Carefully chosen what items to remove, so there is no conflict with any crafting or quest related items.

Aggressive Version:
Removes 3 more items, but as a side effect it also removes 3 other items that are used as quest rewards for a specific quest. Their only purpose is selling for Credits or decorating, so if you don’t care about that you can use this version. You can check the Details Sheet (link at the bottom of the page), to see in detail what those items are.

Relaxed Version:
Keeps the plushies. Also keeps some items with good value-to-mass ratio, that are worth 200 Credits or more, and also items with zero mass.

Very Relaxed Version:
In addition to the items in the Relaxed version, it also keeps some low value items (less than 200 Credits) that have good value-to-mass ratio.

If you want, you can use the Details Sheet (link at the bottom of the page) to check which items specifically are preset or excluded from each version.

You can also use it to check the file name and path for a specific item, and remove any that you want from this mod, restoring it and making the item visible again in the game.

If you want to switch versions and use a different version than what you have installed before, you’ll need to completely remove the previous version, before installing the new one!

If you are updating the mod to a new version, you NEED to delete the old version before installing the new files!

I won’t be supporting multiple Mod Managers. Please understand. Thank you!

Manual Install:
Just extract the downloaded .7z file into your game’s Data folder. Usually in “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield\Data\”.
So now you have a folder called “meshes” inside your Data folder.

Manual Uninstall:
Just delete the files from the mod.

I selected what items to include as carefully as I could, but there are just too many for me to test by myself, so if you spot any mistake, like a quest or crafting item being hidden, please do let me know!

Also let me know if you think a certain item should or shouldn’t be included. I appreciate any feedback!

This mod works by removing the object’s 3D model from the game. Unfortunately, that means I can’t remove all the trash loot that I want to, because some of those objects share the same 3D model as other important items, such as crafting materials or quest items. You can use the the Details Sheet (link above) to check what the specific conflicts are for each item. The conflicting items are:
Small Jam Jar
UC Military Genetag
Cased FreeStar Ranger Badge
Funky Sphere Sculpture
TerraBrew To Go Cup
Mech Scrap Parts


BAE – Bethesda Archive Extractor
Inspired by xatmos’s Burden Me Not

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