NPCs Use Ammo V1.0

NPCs Use Ammo V1.0

Forces all NPCs to use the ammo in their inventory, as opposed to the vanilla setting that gives them infinite ammo. Useful if you’d not like to be pinned down in a firefight forever.

Starfield, as well as every previous Bethesda game I’ve played gives NPCs infinite ammo, this mod removes that advantage. NPCs can now run out of ammo, just like you. Afterwards, they’ll use their built-in scavenging feature that has them loot bodies or containers to reload/re-arm themselves. In my opinion, more immersive than simply flinging bullets and lasers until the death of the Universe.

To install, add the text in “NPCsUseAmmo.txt” to >This PC>Documents>My Games>Starfield>StarfieldCustom.ini, under the [Combat] section. If you don’t have a [Combat] section in your StarfieldCustom.ini, create it.



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