PEAK – Enemy AI Module V1.6

PEAK - Enemy AI Module

This is a standalone version of my PEAK – Enemy AI overhaul. I am doing this since I’m sure it’s by far the most popular mod from my PEAK package. Placing this as a singular mod will also make things smoother for future updates, upcoming template compressions, and compatibility for other mods I have in the works as well. If you have my previous version of PEAK, this version contains some updates for the recent Bethesda patch since they incorporated some hidden changes.

Two Choices:
No Compass Arrows/No Stealth Bar version (“PEAK Enemy AI NM.esm”)
Vanilla Compass/Vanilla Stealth Bar version (“PEAK Enemy AI.esm”)

Experience enhanced communication and enemy teamwork, replacing unproductive chatter
A stealth system is included for this combat experience
Improved enemy memory retention
Increased AI difficulty
Encounter enemy NPCs that actually provide resistance compared to what you’re used to


Enable Archive Invalidation.
Install Plugins.txt Enabler.
Install the mod
Open MO2 > Tools > Settings > Plugins
Search for Starfield Support Plugin, and activate “enable_plugin_management”
Restart MO2 and select the downloaded esm from the Plugins tab in the right panel

Vortex & Manual:
Enable Archive Invalidation.
Install Plugins.txt Enabler.
Install the mod through Vortex, or drop the downloaded esm file in your game’s root “Data” folder
Under your “%localappdata%\Starfield” folder, Open “Plugins” text document (Create one if you haven’t)
Add an asterisk (*) in front of the plugin names (Example below)

PEAK - Enemy AI Module

HP Bonus
You can select whichever Player HP Bonus/Enemy HP Bonus values you’d like

Incoming Outgoing Damage
You can select whichever Incoming/Outgoing Damage increases you’d like

Rich Instant Refresh Vendor
Vendors will carry 300k Credits, and have instant refresh for items and credits when an item is purchased

Sprint Reduction
Sprint will either have 50% Reduction or 100% Reduction cost, depending which you select



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