Quest Path Arrow Tweaks V1.0

Quest Path Arrow Tweaks V1.0

Quest path arrows are super helpful for those of us that are directionally challenged. Unfortunately they go away after a few seconds making you close and open the scanner again. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So I found a way to remedy this annoyingly short time.

And for those of you that want to make your experience even more immersive there is now a way to disable them completely.

Download the file you prefer, unzip it and place the ini file inside your Documents/My Games/Starfield folder.

If you already have a StarfieldCustom.ini file in that folder, do NOT overwrite it.
Instead, just add the below line to the [Interface] section:

For 10 minutes (the number is in seconds so adjust to your liking. Go Crazy and make it 1000000 if you want.)

To get rid of the arrows completely



Download mod

File File size
zip Quest Path Arrows Please Dont Go-1-0 241 B
zip Quest Path Arrows Begone-1-0 238 B
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