Stellar Fleet Expansion V1.0

Stellar Fleet Expansion V1.0

Stellar Fleet Expansion is a great mod for anyone who wants to have an arsenal of ships at their command. The vanilla Starfield only allows the player to have 10 ships at the start. With this mod, the player can now have up to 50!!


Install “Stellar Fleet Expansion” with Vortex or if you would like to install manually just place the “StellarFleetExpansion.txt” file inside your main game folder where the Starfield.exe is located.

Go into your Documents/My Games/Starfield and add the following to your StarfieldCustom.ini
Under General – sStartingCjavascript-event-strippedbat StellarFleetExpansion;
If you do not have a StarfieldCustom.ini, you can create it. Right-click a new text file. Name it StarfieldCustom.ini. When you are creating the file, if you do not see .txt at first before renaming it, in file explorer, go to view and enable show file name extensions.



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File File size
zip Stellar Fleet Expansion-1-0 225 B
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