Spaceship Id’s V1.0.1

Spaceship Id's V1.0.1

Spawn a Spaceship

the batch file (.txt) also has Every Spaceship ID commented out in it so you can spawn any ship you want.

They are now all yours for the taking.
Not sure why anyone would want to use this cheat… isn’t finding and acquiring new spaceships one of the fun parts of Starfield ?
But anyway in case there is that must have spaceship and you just can’t get it any other way… here you go.

[TIP optional] To make this whole thing a bit easier go outside and find a nice big open space, preferably a bit up high.

In the console type.

This will run the batch file and spawn the Narcissus at your location. note tip above
“bat shipids”

or just go ahead and type it in directly.

“player.placeatme [ship id from the list]”

Then ‘tcl’ and go find the door in – it will probably be locked so “unlock” it.
Then turn off ‘tcl’ and go through the door to the cockpit and take off, then go registrar your new ill gotten ship, it shouldn’t trigger any crime or contraband at any port, it’s then all Yours, have fun.

Important! you still need the required piloting skills in order to fly the ship you select though.

This is a long list there are possibly over 400 different ships if you include all the available variants.
Here are the fist 300 or so I have found, will update if/when I find others. Check out the posts for intermediate updates.
Hopefully I’ve not made many typos, but if you find one please let me know.
The most likely is that I got ‘8’ and not ‘B’ so if there is an ‘8’ in the ID and it doesn’t work try replacing it with ‘B’

I’ve obviously not checked them all out but I hope I tested enough to prove to myself this actually works.

Note: With some variants it might just be a different paint job.

A couple of ini settings you might also want to consider changing… if you haven’t already
; change the vaules to what you fell is fair
SetGS fSpaceshipRegisterValueMult 0.02
SetGS uSpaceshipMaximumOwnedSpaceships 50
SetGS iDaysToRespawnVendor 1

Remember using the console WILL disable achivements so use: Baka Achievement Enabler (SFSE)


The Wanderer

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