Starfield APU – Low End PCs Quick AIO Performance and Visual Tweaks V1.0.1

Starfield APU - Low End PCs Quick AIO Performance and Visual Tweaks V1.0.1

I have been playing on a portable gaming handheld with an APU inside of it and have been struggling to hit a solid 30 fps cap with no frame pacing issues, since I was getting huge stutters when playing the game when visiting major cities / exterior planets and it annoyed me. 🙁 I also disliked having to do a HUGE amount of file tweaking just to get the game presentable on such a device, so I’ve devised a huge set of ini tweaks all based off a collection of community made tweaks to ini files already out there to provide the community with an easy to install and convenient All-In-One solution for people like me who want to just download a few files and get right into playing, or need a quick restore point in case you need to reinstall the game in the future due to mod conflicts and don’t wanna go through the headache of putting it all together again!

Tweaks that Come with the ini File
Removes SAO (Now comes with optional preset with SAO still enabled!)
Removes TAA
Removes Volumetric Lighting
Removes Motion Blur
Removes Particles
Lowers Shadow Resolution to Bare Minimum
Halves Bloom
Reduces View Distance
Reduces Grass Distance
Increases Gamma
Increases First & Third Person as well as Ship FOV to 90
Adds Flag to Allow Mod Files

How To Install
Manually Download File
Unzip it
Choose No SAO or SAO option
Place StarfieldCustom.ini in C:\User…\Documents\My Games\Starfield
Place Low.ini in your Steam\SteamApps\Starfield Folder
Switch from Medium to Low in the settings preset
Enjoy an easy playable experience!



Download mod

File File size
zip Starfield APU - Low End PCs AIO-1-0-1 5 KB
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