CCR – Starfield Ship Distance Tweaker V1.1

CCR - Starfield Ship Distance Tweaker V1.1

Uses Console Command Runner to increases the distance at which you can loot, dock, and transfer with you ship to 2500 Meters. It also changes the ship registration to 25% of the ships value.

The “Starfield Ship Distance Tweaker” is a mod that enhances your spacefaring adventures in Starfield. This mod introduces a range of adjustments to various in-game distances, providing a more dynamic and immersive experience. When on foot and transferring items to your spaceship while landed, you’ll notice an extended range, making resource management more efficient. In flight mode, the mod increases the distance at which you can command your ship to dock with others and enables you to loot cargo from destroyed ships from a greater distance. Whether you’re a trader, explorer, or combat enthusiast, this mod offers
flexibility and convenience in customizing your gameplay. Elevate your spacefaring journey with the Starfield Distance Tweaker mod and explore the universe like never before.

Install mod files
Simply install the mod via your mod manager of choice.
Alternate manual install: Copy the folder the “Data” from the zip into your “Starfield/” root folder. (Where the game .exe is)
Starfield Script Extender is required as well as Console Command Runner



Download mod

File File size
zip CCR - Starfield Ship Distance Tweaker-1-1 752 B
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