EXE – Effect Textures Enhanced V0.6

EXE - Effect Textures Enhanced V0.3

Every last visual effect in Starfield remade and improved. This will enhance your game in a big way. Muzzleflashes, storms, blood, explosions, lasers, and everything else.

Every visual effect in Starfield has been enhanced
 This includes (but isn’t limited to):
 Explosions (all of them!)
 Weapon fx (muzzleflashes, impacts, etc)
 Gore (with bonus gore to come!)
 Storms of all kinds
 Fires (like igniting an enemy)
 Ambient fx like fog, dust, wisps, auras, smoke etc
 Water visuals (splashes, foam, waves, etc)
 Prop fx like electric arcs, force fields, animated bits, etc
 and everything in between!

 NOTE! The mod is currently incomplete and only contains a portion of what is planned!
Check back often to grab huge updates!

 Q: How to install the mod? <<------   A: Place contents of zip into: C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Games\Starfield   Q: Is the mod complete?   A: Not currently, but it is constantly being updated!  Q: Is this mod compatible with ___ mod?   A: It is compatible with 100% of all mods that don't edit effect textures  Q: Does this mod affect ___ in game?   A: My priority is remaking the most commonly seen visuals in the game, but you are welcome to suggest a common game visual to enhance sooner.   Q: Does this mod affect performance?   A: Most textures are the same resolution as the original, however, there are some very commonly seen visuals that are higher resolution in this mod out of necessity, but won't have an impact on perf.   Q: Were you sent here by the Devil?   A: No, good sir, I'm on the level. [spoiler title="Changelog:"] Version 0.6 Sept 19 update: Explosions, Arc Welder, Stone Impacts, Explosion impact, Metal Decal 2nd pass. Blood splatter textures separated from main file. Version 0.5 Fire touchup, Debris remake, Blood redone, Particle Wep impact, Version 0.4 Second update: New Lasercutter beam, Incendiary grenade ground fires, Metal impact decals, V0.3 - Metal impact spark burst, - Wood impact woodchips, - 4k Blood with lighting fix, - Blood impact spray/droplets V0.2 - Impact Sparks for all weapons implemented- Laser Burn Impacts- Laser and Weld drip fx - Actor ignite/on fire fx- Fireplaces / Braziers fx- Blood splatters for humans- Blood wounds for humans- Blood Spray for human[/spoiler] Credits:

Weijiesen – Team EVE

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File File size
zip EXE V0.6 28 MB
zip Optional Blood Replacer-0-1 32 MB
zip EXE V0.3 19 MB
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