Drumbeat Reskin Pack V1.0

Drumbeat Reskin Pack V1.0

Several reskins for the drumbeat

Reskins Include:
Vanilla “Enhanced” – I put enhanced in quotation marks because it’s more of a personal preference thing, my ego isn’t actually as big as my cock, and I’m sure some asshole in the comments will say it’s worse anyway.
Black Camo – Pretty much what it says on the box, this will give the drumbeat a black camo texture
Crimson – A crimson fleet themed skin, might be a bit odd to see a bunch of non crimson fleet npc’s running around using a crimson fleet themed drumbeat, but hey I reckon it looks pretty cool
Neon – A zany unhinged skin for zany unhinged people, use this one if you’re a fucking freak.

Last Minute Notes:
These Reskins also affect some of the weapon mods but not all of the weapon mods, just the ones that would stand out if they were too different of a color ie, scopes, lasersight, etc
It was a headache to sort all this stuff out so it wouldn’t surprise me if I made a mistake somewhere and something isn’t right, so if somethings wrong, let me know.

Installation: Place the data folder either in your My Games Starfield folder or your Install folder if you have the SFSE plugin that disables the my games folder.



Download mod

File File size
zip Black Camo-1-0 26 MB
zip Crimson-1-0 29 MB
zip Neon-1-0 30 MB
zip Vanilla Enhanced-1-0 30 MB
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