M41A Pulse Rifle (AA-99 replacer) Fully animated

M41A Pulse Rifle (AA-99 replacer) Fully animated

That’s right! The M41A Pulse Rifle! and it replaces the most requested to be replaced weapon in the game. This mod replaces the AA-99, it is fully animated from the reload to the bolt action. The ammo counter works Fully customizable. Comes with skins, will add more.

This weapon mod replaces the AA-99, fully animated from the reload to the bolt action. Fully customizable. Comes with skins will add more.

This is probably my best and most immersive weapon mod yet.

Once again, early modding is limited and some things might be scaled differently or adjusted in a particular way, I am aware, it will be fixed once better tools are out.


Use vortex:

If Vortex doesn’t work, drag and drop the mesh folder into your Documents/Mygames/Starfield/

If the model doesn’t show up in-game, more than likely:

There is no custom ini folder to enable mods.
You’ve updated your game or custom folder and it’s changed it’s ability to load mods
Baka whatever updated or any of the other major game-changing experimental mods that rewrite major system functions have updated.
The installation location or method of installation is incorrect.
The mod is missing packed files. “If you open the folder and see that all of the files are there then you can rule this out.”
As these mods are replacer mods and replace the hard files of existing assets, that means the game physically cannot avoid loading these models and textures. These are overrides. Provided they are in the proper location, your inicustom enabler is working properly to enable mods, and the game is loading from the proper location there should not be an issue. If there is check your game’s installation / what you’ve installed and what is listed above. the only other way you wouldn’t see a model or texture is if it was not included in the package entirely.



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