Old World 50 Cal Barrett M82 M95 V1.0

Old World 50 Cal Barrett M82 M95 V1.0

Complete Barrett kit. Comes with bunch of new attachments (scopes, Acog, Eotech, grips, barrels..) and audios.

This mod replaces Hard Target with Barrett style anti-materiel rifle. The model is based on the M95 and XM500, although I had to take some artistic freedom to match the poses and animations with the weapon (e.g. cocking handle position)

Replaces Hard Taget sniper rifle (player.additem 00546CC)
Fully compatible with all modifications
New sounds

All new parts:
Acog scope
EoTech holo sight
Marksman scope
Recon scope
Barrels: fluted, long, balanced, reinforced
Classic M82 muzzle brake
Different grips

How to install
Use mod manager or install manually

1. Move Data folder to Documents\My Games\Starfield
2. Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini file or make one OR download this ready made ini: Base StarfieldCustom.ini to Enable Loose File Mods V1.0a



NifSkope (by Hexabit)
BAE (by Hexabit)
Starfield Geometry Bridge (by SesamePaste)
EoTech model and textures: Sketchfab
Acog model: Sketchfab

Download mod

File File size
zip 50Cal-1-0 67 MB
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