Black Hair Arthur Morgan V1.0

Black Hair Arthur Morgan V1.0

A Simple Mod that makes Arthur’s Hair and Beard Jet black, for those that want the Dutch Morgan look! Also Adds a new Hairstyle (Amos Lansings) and gives Arthur Black Eyebrows

If you want Old Black Haired Arthur Morgan download the Special Old Arthur version!

You need to have the following mods for this to work:

A Must:
Alexander blades script hook (to load the mods ofcourse)
Lenny’s Mod Loader (comes with a folder called “lml” this is very important!!)
Whyem’s DLC (For the Whyem’s Base Version)
or Eastern’s Epic Extras (For the Easter’s Epic Base Version)
or Whyem’s + EEE Merge (both mods into one from Eastern’s Discord Server)
or The Trifecta Merge

Outfit Changer (Optional but good to have)
Rampage Trainer (Optional but good to have)

Black Hair which applies to all beards.
Whyem’s and EEE Bonus Beards and Hairstyles in black to match his hair
Black Eyebrows
A New Haircut (“The Comb Over Taper” )
Old Arthur Morgan 1919 Texture (Old Black Hair Arthur version only)

How To Install:
Install Lenny’s Mod Loader in your RDR2 Directory
You will have a folder called lml place the Whyem’s or Easterns Epics mod folder there (install it)
Then Place the shop_items.ymt you downloaded from here inside the WhyEm’s or Eastern Epics “Item_Refrences” -> “786675” folder and replace the “shop_items.ymt”, boot up your game and Arthur should have black hair.
(Optional but Reccomended) Place the “Black Eyebrows” Folder Files into the LML “stream” and enjoy black eyebrows Arthur!

Make sure to create a backup of the original shop_items.ymt that comes with Whyem’s DLC or EEE so you can get Arthur’s original hair whenever you want to!

!! This mod is for the main game it does not replace John in the epilogue !!



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