TOVOT visual (not just a ReShade preset)

TOVOT visual (not just a ReShade preset)


more information on compatibility: any mod incompatibility can be solved with a PATCH which is most of the time merging conflicting files, other times replacing an entire file, or choosing one over the other. if you want PATCHs for other conflicting mods just can ask in Posts section, if its within the limit my modding skills I will create a PATCH, or you can also create your own PATCH and post it as a mod, the Nexus is also made for this, do not forget to organize your mods well, with understandable and orderly names, it is good for you and for others. I wish to you happy modding 🙂

a quick premise about this mod: I use in-game non ultra setting on everything, its a balanced settings, and its the setting I based this preset on and screenshots with, all medium-high with textures and ssao on ultra, obviously you can use the combination of settings that you like best, there are no limitations, and this mod works with any configuration chosen in the game, if you set everything to ultra with this mod the result could be even better than my screenshots, for this advice always trying visual mods rather than just relying on screenshoots, also for the screenshoots posted by me I exclusively used this mod as visual mods

also: the screenshots without written description were not made using the whole mod with quality option

the mod is in two parts: the LML mod and the ReShade preset

can be used togheter or not, of course I only offer support for the mod as it was combined

1 ─ the LML tweaks mod offer:

  • removed vanilla Vignette effect
  • slightly darker nights than in vanilla
  • removed Bloom (but preserved in the FOG)
  • decreased intensity of Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)

2 ─ the ReShade perfomance preset offer:

  • slightly improved color and image (variuos shaders)
  • WhitepointerFixer by luluco250 for set the white point, in this preset I recommend to adjust this value, instead of the gamma in-game or the brightness in other shaders (however you are free to modify the whole preset, if you loose it can always download again from the nexus, I will also keep the archive of this mod opened for previous versions … if I add new ones)
  • ArtisticVignette by luluco250 is set to overlay and is what gives the look in screenshoots with ReShade preset and you can experiment with modifications to adapt the preset to your personal tastes and needs, as you can see from the screenshots the effect is much better and more defined in comparison VanillaVignette
  • Bloom by prod80 much better than vanilla, set up to create an atmospheric light effect, rather than all-white circles and halos

2 ─ the ReShade quality preset offer everything in the performance version and a few more effects:

its much more expensive about frames per seconds, and the image is slightly more accurate and sharper. if you want to know how, just compare the two presets in the in-game ReShade window and see wath shaders I used

for the ReShade Bloom I set the hidden quality to 2 (meaning perfomance) for both presets, if you want more quality can change BLOOM_QUALITY_0_TO_2 value from 2 to 1 (balanced) or 0 (quality and very expensive like ore 10FPS loss and very-less visual changes) in PreprocessorDefinitions= inside the preset file using a text editor like Notepad or in-game under the hidden Preprocessor Definitions label related to Bloom by prod80

TIP: if use visual-mods always adjust your TV monitor display for any game in a standard way, no added effects, the less effects on the display the better, and check what color combination (full RGB is wath I using in my PC and Display, but its not the same for everyone) the display wants and what the GPU gives out using nvidia AMD Intel software (on the Internet there are many guides on display calibration and gpu configuration, this is important to have the same result as you see here on the screenshoots, not only for my mod, but for any visual mod in any game) … get informed also at HDR, the real one that needs displays with HDR support not the one in ReShade (which is another thing)

FPS impact of the mod:

NO ReShade but TOVOT visual mod only                 FPS loss 0
ReShade preset TOVOT visual perfomance.ini        FPS loss 0~5
ReShade preset TOVOT visual quality.ini                 FPS loss 10~15

a little trick for games by Rockstar Games and ReShade:

since the Social Club opens with the Home key, and the ReShade window also, when you open RS the SC opens its overlay, so… before starting the game, after installing ReShade, open the ReShade.ini file with a Notepad (or any other text editor) and in [Input] section add or modify this two lines:

                   ReShade overlay window
KeyEffects=34,0,0,0                   ReShade effects on/off

in this mode you can open the ReShade window in-game using PagUp key and enable/disable effects with PagDown key

KeyScreenshot=key,0,0,0    is self-explanatory where key is the code key

if you want know the key codes can use this free tool: NirSoft KeyboardStateView
when pres a key from keyboard the program give the code for each key pressed
helpfull also for same purpose in enblocal.ini for ENB

tweaks by others used and implemented in the mod:

these two are not real mods, they are only files of the original game modified as tweaks, so I used them as a basis for my mod which is not a real mod but a collection of tweaks created by me and others, and combined properly, as without combining they cannot work together

I have removed the Bloom (but not entirely and keeped on FOG) and reduced SSAO intensity (how):

Bloom in each lines with this values all set to “0.0000”
tweaked:            <postfx_intensity_bloom>
not tweaked:     <postfx_bloom_fog_mod_intensity>

SSAO in each lines with this values all set to “1.0000”
tweaked:           <ssao_inten>

for both tweak I received help by OfficialDayL

TOVOT visual is not just a merge of other mods, there has been a work of modification, editing and information research, all of this has been tested and modified many times, all of this in a way that visually works well together, moreover this page contains some useful information even beyond this mod. I have also created the ReShade preset already described




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