Maybe a Percheron

Maybe a Percheron

This is an un-feathered Percheron (I didn’t see an option for light feathering like real Percheron’s have so I removed them) back from when they were ridden as war horses carrying knights (so not the 19h monsters of today but still big). It’s as tall as the game’s Hungarian Half-bred and it has horse shoes. I wish I could have found a head that was more drafty looking but ah well. But hooooo-ey, she’s a looker regardless.

Must use Lenny’s Mod Loader. Copy the file into your lml/Stream folder (create the folder if you don’t have one). If a mane or tail doesn’t show up, you might need version.dll. I’m not sure if the mane and tail I used is online content or not.

As is, you’ll need a way to spawn it into story mode if you want Arthur to ride it as it replaces the Strawberry Roan Ardennes (which means Sadie will have one in the epilogue). I use Rampage Trainer.

If you want it to replace a different horse, just change the file name to the one you want it to replace. It will take on the characteristics of the horse the Percheron is replacing (bravery, speed, etc).

If you want to change the stats such as speed, acceleration, etc or want it to show up as a Percheron in the description, use the Horse Names and Stats mod (link below).

Rampage Trainer
Horse Names and Stats
Arthur Redone
WhyEm’s DLC
Horse Harnesses aka Breast Collars
Black Leather Clothes
Clothing and Accessory Textures
Red Dead Redemption 2 Gunbelt Fix
Vignette Disabler



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