Ellie – Rogue Technician Female Character Preset V1.0

Ellie - Rogue Technician Female Character Preset V1.0

Ellie, the Rogue Technician.
Character preset tutorial or ready-to-go savefile.

A character preset or save file.

Ellie - Rogue Technician Female Character Preset V1.0

1. Download
Get the main file provided.

2. Start a new game or use commands
You can use this preset by either starting a game from zero or using a simple console command (it’s said that this command does not invalidate achievements, but just as a precaution I recommend you use a mod achievement enabler mod): open the console by pressing either the  key or whatever key is right below the  key, then type in “slm 14” without the “”. This should open the character editor.

3. Follow the instructions
The zip file you downloaded has images that you can use as instructions for using the preset. Just go through each image (or use the compact tutorial) and put in every value as close to the reference as you can.

“Why can’t I just use Enhance to change my appearance instead of console commands?”
You can, but since Enhance doesn’t let you change your Biometric ID, your character may look very different from the screenshots (unless your character already has Biometric ID 30 to begin with).

1. Download
Can’t skip this step.

2. Find your saves folder
Your saves folder is located in a different place depending on your version of the game:

Steam version: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Saves
Game Pass version: C:\Xbox Games\Starfield

3. Copy save file
Once you’ve found your saves folder, all you have to do is copy the Ellie – Beginning.sfs file provided in the zip file and paste it straight into your saves folder. After that, you can play the game as Ellie from right after the character creation.

Using the Save File version will provide you with these traits/background:

Ellie - Rogue Technician Female Character Preset V1.0

Ellie - Rogue Technician Female Character Preset V1.0




Download mod

File File size
zip Ellie - Rogue Technician Preset-1-0 65 MB
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