Expanded Experience V1.0

Expanded Experience V1.0

A simple settings tweak mod that allows players to increase or decrease experience across the board incrementally, coupled with an optional module for increased experience based on specific actions, like discovering new locations or succeeding in lockpicking challenges.

What is Expanded Experience?

When playing Starfield, I found that I wasn’t gaining enough experience, even after completing multiple quests and killing countless enemies. However, other mods that I’ve found tend to increase the experience gains immensely, which breaks the satisfaction of actually progressing through the game. Some people may like that, others may not.

Expanded Experience aims to fix that, by giving a more diverse set of options to players that want to tailor the progression to their liking, and by also acting as a one-stop shop for everything experience related to efficiently aid with customizing the overall experience without having to go in and tweak every value themselves.

This is my first ever mod, and though simple; I hope it provides players with a better experience – the kind I was looking for when tweaking the game’s settings for myself.

How does Expanded Experience work?

XP tables have been adjusted using .ini tweaks, however in the future once proper modding tools are released, this will of course be fleshed out into a fully capable mod that doesn’t rely on individual game setting commands.

As of right now, the tweaks that I’ve packaged together are:

75% Decreased XP Gains (0.25)
50% Decreased XP Gains (0.50)
25% Decreased XP Gains (0.75)
5% Increased XP Gains (1.05)
10% Increased XP Gains (1.10)
15% Increased XP Gains (1.15)
25% Increased XP Gains (1.25)
50% Increased XP Gains (1.50)
75% Increased XP Gains (1.75) (Recommended)
100% Increased XP Gains (2)
200% Increased XP Gains (3)
300% Increased XP Gains (4)
400% Increased XP Gains (5)
500% Increased XP Gains (6)

Alongside standardized XP, there are also many instances where players can earn XP based on various actions. There is an optional action-based module that includes:

Cooking XP Gains
Lockpicking (Digipicking) XP Gains
Disarming Mines and Traps XP Gains
Research XP Gains
Workbench XP Gains
Discovering Locations and Secret Locations XP Gains
Succeeding in Speech Checks XP Gains
Completing Scans XP Gains
NPC Kill-Stealing Fix

I’d like to add more to the action-based module, but as of right now I’m limited to what is available in terms of the known game settings. When available, I’ll incorporate other things that add experience, such as killing enemies. If you’re unhappy with any of the values for any of these tweaks, I
welcome you to take the .txt files and adjust the values to your liking – the process is incredibly straightforward.

How do I install?

When you download the mod, inside of the zip file you’ll find all of the various options. For the standardized XP values, simply do the following:

1. Place ExpandedExperience.txt in the Starfield folder, the same folder that Starfield.exe is located in. The directory is typically steamapps/common/Starfield. Same goes for if you are using the optional ExpandedExperienceActions.txt. Make sure they are both located in the same folder as Starfield.exe – they can be used together. Do not place the .txt’s inside of your Data folder.

2. Use the StarfieldCustom.ini provided by the mod and place the values inside of your own StarfieldCustom.ini, which should be in your documents folder. The director is typically Documents/my games/Starfield. If you’ve been modding Starfield at the time of this mod’s release, then you’ll most likely have a mod-ready StarfieldCustom.ini file. However, if not, do the following:

3. Make sure that:


is present at the top of your StarfieldCustom.ini. If you do not have StarfieldCustom.ini, simply create one and open it with any text editor and do as previously mentioned. Make sure there are no duplicates of those or any other commands. After that, simply throw in the starting commands under the general section of the file.

If you’re using both ExpandedExperience and the optional ExpandedExperienceActions, your StarfieldCustom.ini would look something like this:


sStartingCjavascript-event-strippedbat ExpandedExperience
sStartingCjavascript-event-strippedbat ExpandedExperienceActions

How do I uninstall?

Simply delete the txt files from your game’s directory and remove the commands added in StarfieldCustom.ini!



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