XP Difficulty Multiplier V1.0

XP Difficulty Multiplier V1.0

Multiplies XP gain based on difficulty using these values:

Very Easy – 0.5
Easy – 0.75
Normal – 1
Hard – 1.5
Very Hard – 2

In order to preserve an authentic/vanilla-like balance, these multiplier values are based on those used in previous Bethesda Softworks titles by the same linked parameters (fDiffMultXP), which are all set to 1 in this game for some reason, regardless of the difficulty.


Extract fDiffMultXP.txt to Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield.

Add the following to StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\My Games\Starfield:

XP Difficulty Multiplier V1.0

Baka Achievement Enabler (SFSE)
Starfield Script Extender (SFSE)


William Faure

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