More Dramatic Grav Jumps V1.0

More Dramatic Grav Jumps V1.0

Changes grav jump animations. Now they play longer and with more dramatic views.


At the moment supported only manual install.

There are three options of Grav Jumps in the archive from which you can choose. Install only one.

Option 1: Enabled 3 types of Grav Jumps. Type 1, 2 & 3 in the video DEMO.
Option 2: Enabled 2 types of Grav Jumps. Type 1 & 2 in the video DEMO.
Option 3: Enabled 1 type of Grav Jump. Type 1 in the video DEMO.

Option 3 is the Longest and the most dramatic. My personal favorite.
Cockpit Grav Jump view persists in every option.

1) Put StarfieldCustom.ini to the Documents\My Games\Starfield
if you already have this file then just add there


P.S If you already have this line sTestFile1=, simply increase the number of sTestFile to anything 1 to 10 as shown below.


sTestFile1=SOME OTHER MOD.esp

2) Put ESP and Meshes folder into your game’s Data folder “Starfield\Data”

Keep in Mind

Without proper editing tools, ESP is experimental at this stage.
I tested it forward and backwards and did not find any issues at all. But still, just in case, please backup your saves.

This mod disables achievements. To mitigate this please use BAKA Achievement Enabler or similar mod.



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