Lower XP curve V1.0

Lower XP curve V1.0

Changes the exp curve to a lower formula so you can get all perks in a long but not impossibly grindy way.

EDIT: Changed default file to the 500 + 25 per level as 500 + 10 per level felt too fast

This is a txt file that does 3 things:

setgs fXPStart 500
// Changes how much exp you need to level up from 1-> 2 to 500 (default 200)

setgs fXPBase 25
// Changes the Increment to exp needed per level to 25 (default 75)

setgs fXPExpMult 0
// Stops fXPBase from increasing in increments of 5 as you level (default 0.0015)

This applies retroactively but note that you can’t level down and might get an xp debt if you increase the formula.
Since I can’t find how fXPExpMult fits, the simplified formula is : fXPStart + fXPBase * (Level – 1)
Feel free to edit the file if you want a custom formula.
If you want to manually edit xp gains check out the article tab

Drop the txt file into your Starfield base folder (where Starfield.exe is) and add this line to your StarfieldCustom.ini (create one if you don’t have one) under [General] (make one if you don’t have it) :

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat XPCurve

If you use another mod like this add ;bat XPCurve at the end of sStartingConsoleCommand= like this :

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat mods;bat XPCurve



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