No Fall Damage V1.0

No Fall Damage V1.0

This mod completely removes any and all fall damage
This is really just a standalone copy of one option from the Tunables optional mod in my Maverick Weapons mod.
This was a specific request by billybooboo who thought some people might want this option and not know it exists.

!Please read!
Keeping in mind compatibility issues I have made two methods to choose from depending on what mods you have installed.

This version requires you to be using This ASI Loader instead of the one that comes with Scripthook
This will be compatible with pretty much any other mod you have installed.
If you are already using Maverick Weapons Tunables option, do not install this.
If you aren’t and are not willing to use version.dll this mod will not work at all for you.

Pretty much the opposite of the above method.
This works with either asi loaders, version.dll or dinput8.dll
This will heavily conflict with many mods, any mod that modifies weapons.ymt. Such as Red Dead Offline and WhyEm’s DLC.
If you are using Online Content Unlocker to avoid using version.dll, then this method will work for you.

Pick one depending on your needs. It is safe to install both together but there’s no need.
Script Hook RDR2 & Lenny’s Mod Loader are required for either method to work.



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File File size
rar No Fall Damage-version.dll 857 B
rar No Fall Damage-dinput8.dll 84 KB
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