Renni – Female Character Preset V1.0

Renni - Female Character Preset V1.0

I saw a character named Ranni by ujb33101 and tried to recreate her with photos from different angles. It’s not 100% match but I think I came pretty close to original.

You can either start fresh new game with provided save file or recreate the look with your current character by using ~ console and following steb-by-step tutorial in the archive.

Save File Method:
The save files go to “C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Saves”. After launching the game go to Load menu and press B( or Y if you’re using gamepad ) to choose your new character Renni. The save made right after character creation menu at the start with [FILE NOT FOUND] background, Alien DNA, Hero worshipped and Kid stuff traits.

Recreation Method:
You need to use Bio ID 36
You can either use Enhance! store or open up the console and type “showlooksmenu player” in order to change your looks (Warning, backup your saves just in case you end up wanting to go back and don’t forget to download Baka Achievement Enabler) in which you will be able to change both your character preset and starting skills.

I recommend using Pekoe Brows mod with this preset.



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File File size
zip Renni save only 774 KB
zip Only screenshots 61 MB
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